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Technical Leads

Steven Huettner: Chief Engineer

Mr. Huettner received his Bachelors of Engineering with High Honors from Stevens Institute of Technology (1980), and Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1982). Steve has more than 30 years of RF sensor design experience at Raytheon Missile Systems. His work spanned device developments such as ways to decrease RF loss of GaAs and GaN switch FETs (HEMTs); component developments such as ultra-low-loss MMIC switches through W-band, robust LNAs using GaN at Ka-band, and low-loss phase shifters using GaAs as well as BiCMOS at Ka and W-band. He has worked on TR modules and AESAs since 1982, at frequencies from S-band to W-band. Most recently he was lead engineer on a $30M five-year program to develop a unique low-cost/high performance active sensor. Steve recently provided oversight of all GaN MMIC development for the Army's Joint Air Ground Missile (JAGM) program including high power amplifiers. Steve designed a Ka-band LNA of capable of withstanding 10 Watts, and high-power, Ka-band SPDT and SP3T switches with less than 1 dB loss. He is involved in TR modules, power amplifiers, and is currently leading product development in time delay units at Nuvotronics.

Steve Huettner
Dr. J. Robert Reid: Sr. Director, Research and Product Development

Rob received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Duke University in 1992 and his PhD degree in solid state devices from the Air Force Institute of Technology, in 1997. His dissertation work included the development of one of the first systems for the automated assembly of surface micro-machined optical benches. From 1997-2009, Dr. Reid worked at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Antenna Technology Branch where he initiated and led the branch's MEMS program. During this time he led a research team investigating the application of MEMS and micromachining to microwave and millimeter-wave antenna systems. As part of this effort, he developed the first program for simulating dielectric charging in capacitive RF MEMS switches. He initiated a program in 3D millimeter wave circuits resulting in compact high performance filters at 30 GHz, 44 GHz, and 75-90 GHz. In 2009, Dr. Reid founded Pavo Radio Technologies, Inc. to develop MEMS based reconfigurable radio front ends. Pavo Radio was acquired by Nuvotronics in November 2010. He has over 40 technical publications and 3 patents with several additional patents pending and in process. In 2007, he was selected to be on the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT) society speakers bureau and awarded the 2007 Sensors Directorate Samuel L. Burka Award for in-house research. Dr. Reid is an active member of the IEEE, serving on the RF MEMS technical coordinating committee and reviewing papers for multiple journals including IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques and IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters.

Robert Reid
Dr. Jean-Marc Rollin: Director, Commercial Business

Jean-Marc has served as Member Technical Staff and Program Manager for Nuvotronics since 2006. During his tenure, he has led the development of the 3D-MERFS research program designed to improve and reduce the cost of phased array data links. Under his leadership, the program successfully met all Phase II and Phase III milestones. Jean-Marc is leading the effort on several High power amplifiers at V and W-band as well as several NASA programs. For these efforts and other programs, he has developed back-end and packaging processes for devices and sub-systems up to 110GHz. Prior to working at Nuvotronics, Jean-Marc conducted a four-year research project funded by the British National Space Center, where he successfully developed and delivered 183GHz sub-harmonic integrated mixer device prototypes. He was responsible for design, mask layout, fabrication and testing of a new RF integrated 183GHz receiver for this program. His design expertise includes optimization of RF antennas and filters using HFSS, ADS and harmonic balance programs. His fabrication expertise includes fabricating GaAs Schottky diodes dedicated for high frequency detection, integration of diodes with RF filters and an RF antenna, ICP and RIE GaAs dry etching process for deep etching conditions, and high quality Schottky diode fabrication using Pt electroplating, Tungsten sputtering deposition and Pt/Ti evaporation. Dr. Rollin has published over 20 peer reviewed journal papers and holds 3 US patents.

Jean-Marc Rollin
Dr. Ken Vanhille: Director, Antennas and Arrays

Ken Vanhille has been involved with the PolyStrata® technology for more than thirteen years and was a member of the original Nuvotronics team. Dr. Vanhille is or has been the principal investigator or program manager on a variety of government projects for such product types as antenna arrays, antenna feed systems and power amplifier modules. He has also managed various customer accounts through Nuvotronics' PolyStrata commercialization efforts, creating microwave component designs and developing product specifications. Taken together, the hardware developed for these projects span frequencies from below 1 GHz to 300 GHz. His technical interests include high-frequency packaging techniques, millimeter-wave components and systems, and antenna design. He has published over thirty technical papers and was an inventor on seven issued US patents with several others pending. Dr. Vanhille is a Senior Member of the IEEE and is a reviewer for such journals as the the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques and the IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology. Ken received the B.S. in electrical engineering from Utah State University, Logan and earned the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder.

Ken Vanhille