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Nuvotronics welcomes new staff member Jim MacDonald August 01, 2011

Jim MacDonald joined Nuvotronics in early 2011 as a Senior Member Technical Staff. He brings 30 years of experience in microelectronic packaging development and production in both commercial and defense industries. His work has covered the fields of sensors, MEMS, RF and Optoelectronics, specializing in wafer level packaging. Most recently, he led MEMS packaging development and formed an Automotive Radar group at a leading US semiconductor manufacturer. He holds 29 patents in packaging.

New Staff Member Dr. Anatoliy Boryssenko June 06, 2011

Nuvotronics welcomes new staff member Dr. Anatoliy Boryssenko, an antenna and millimeter wave expert. He obtained his MS and PhD in EM Engineering Systems from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine. Both his MS and PhD dealt with millimeter-wave integrated passive and active components based on dielectric waveguide and radiator structures. Afterwards Dr. Boryssenko was teaching at Kiev Polytechnic Institute in radar, antennas and numerical analysis. At that time, he also lead several projects on development of short-range communication and sensing system across 30-60 GHz. Later on he worked mainly on R&D of ultra-wideband technologies for in-matter sensing and imaging including ground-penetrating radar techniques across HF, VHF, VHF and microwave bands. In this area, Dr. Boryssenko has led development, manufacturing and deployment of several custom-built UWB imaging radar systems used for subsurface survey, non-invasive material inspection, and through-the-wall vision. From 2000, he has worked in the USA including a Research Professor position at University of Massachusetts, Amherst where Dr. Boryssenko was involved in design of components and systems for active and passive imaging with electromagnetic waves up 100 GHz. Dr. Boryssenko has published 15 peered review journal papers, several book chapters and more than 50 conference papers.

Vibration Results March 01, 2011

Read "PolyStrata Transmission Lines Withstand Vibration", written by Steve Huettner and featured in Microwaves & RF.

New Staff Member Steve Huettner January 03, 2011

Nuvotronics welcomes new staff member Steve Huettner. Huettner has joined Nuvotronics as Senior Member of Technical Staff following a 30-year career at a top defense contractor. Spanning millimeter wave MMIC designs in GaAs, GaN, and SiGe; interconnects and integration; T/R modules; and advanced sensor designs, his expertise aligns well with Nuvotronics’ roadmap toward becoming a preferred sensor solutions provider for defense systems using PolyStrata air micro-coax. Huettner is currently working to integrate GaN MMIC devices with air-coax transmission lines in order to claim new performance benchmarks for Nuvotronics.