Small Solutions to Big Problems

Our Secret Weapon

4 baluns, 10 splitters, 24 interconnects, 16 feeds

Our patented PolyStrata® technology, developed under the award-winning DARPA 3D MERFS program, allows us to design and fabricate 3D air-metal-dielectric structures with micron level tolerances. With this flexible system we can create RF devices, such as antennas, filters, combiners, and baluns, that outperform anything else on the market at a fraction of the size and weight. These can be combined into higher-level modules and subsystems such as phased arrays. The cube pictured in hand contains 4 baluns, 10 splitters, 24 interconnects and 16 feeds, clearly showing the incredible capabilities of PolyStrata architecture.

The PolyStrata Advantage

  • - A fraction of the mass of traditional solutions due to unprecedented ability to miniaturize
    • Pictured is a conventional switch matrix (top) compared to a PolyStrata switch matrix resting on a dime (bottom).
  • - Miniaturization of RF modules like never before: shared-wall adjacent coax permits miniaturization not possible in microstrip, stripline and CPW.
  • - An additive, batch manufacturing process that scales to high-volume production, unlike 3D printed one-off prototypes.
  • - Filter and multiplexer media of choice for a wide government and commercial customer base: micron-level tolerances streamlines the design process and achieves true first-pass success.
    • Ability to accurately insert zeros where rejection is needed most.
    • Near ideal filter skirts due to non-dispersive properties.
    • Q’s of 100s at microwave frequencies due to all-copper construction and air dielectric.
  • - Technology of choice for module integration when loss matters most – thanks to our to unique air dielectric:
    • 2X reduction in attenuation compared to seven-mil Megtron CPW at 30 GHz, 7X reduction compared to LTCC stripline at 60 GHz.
    • Near-ideal vertical RF transitions and other 3D structures means no more leakage and impedance match problems associated with traditional techology.
  • - For non-blocking switch matrices, non-planar network problems are solved by high isolation: 100dB isolation achieved for RF crossovers.
  • - Millimeter-wave SSPA problems solved: enables highly efficient solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) with hundreds of watts power average handling possible using proprietary techniques. Monolithic fabrication of SSPAs includes integrated copper backplane for built-in heat-sinking.
  • - The 21st century approach to time delay units:
    • TEM non-dispersive media, demonstrated pico-second accuracy and repeatability.
    • Full military temperature range, unlike semi-rigid coax.
    • High delay density enabled due to shared walls: up to 14.3 ns/cubic centimeter (4.2 meters coax/cc).

Traditional switch matrix (top) vs
PolyStrata switch matrix (bottom)

Cutting Edge Technology, Applied

Our experienced team starts with world-class PolyStrata® architecture -based components and builds them into industry disrupting systems. With full design, assembly, and testing capability in-house, Nuvotronics delivers the highest quality from start to finish. Contact us today to see how PolyStrata architecture and Nuvotronics can solve your toughest problems.

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