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5G Power - The GiGASWIFT Phased Array

GiGASWIFT phased array

Beamforming phased array systems are essential in 5G and next generation communications, especially at mmWave frequency bands. Nuvotronics’ GIGASWIFT phased array antennas can help operators effectively deploy the radio access infrastructure necessary to support this 5G revolution. Nuvotronics is an integral part of the 5G revolution to ensure we meet these growing capacity demands (>10Gbps). Overcoming greater propagation loss at mmWave, GIGASWIFT phased array beam forming solutions offer over ±45 steerability and lower power consumption resulting in greater coverage distance for a better access point.

GiGASWIFT mmWave Backhaul Solution

The 5G environment links denser networks with modern higher capacity backhaul antennas (>10Gbps) operating at mmWave frequencies. Backhaul units must be 1000x faster, 100x more powerful and 10X cheaper at these bands to enable the 5G revolution. Nuvotronics’ GIGASWIFT radio technology, in collaboration with the major wireless infrastructure providers, is making this exciting transition from current low Mbps to future Multi-Gbps links while growing rapidly and expanding to new marketplaces.

GiGASWIFT backhaul application

E Band Capability Today

Nuvotronics demonstrated a GigSwift E band radio at IMS in 2016. Nuvotronics can design the radio our customers need to power the 5G revolution.

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