Small Solutions to Big Problems



Test & Measurement

PolyStrata's "DC to daylight" wideband capability covers bands from 10s to 100s of GHz, integrating test instrumentation with ease.  From high power sources to switch matrices, filters and diplexers, Nuvotronics has the toolkit for advanced solutions.  Custom solutions can incorporate high density routing of RF and DC lines (100s of lines) as well.  Super-miniaturize a VNA?  Test 100 isolated points at once?  Call Nuvotronics and put PolyStrata technology to work. 


Need a high power source for Ka Band, V Band, E Band, W band, even G Band? Need it smaller and lighter weight than any other SSPA available? Nuvotronics is your source for the source: the most highly integrated power amplifier solution on the market, taking best of breed MMICs and combining more than you thought possible (way beyond 8-way).

We offer the smallest form factor filters and diplexers for the performance in the market today. Let's build these filters and diplexers in your integrated PolyStrata® backplane to make a phased array front end... an E-band point-to-point radio... an ultra-efficient transceivera micro network analyzer... ask us and we will show you how.

These surface mount or integrated filters provide low insertion loss, high isolation, and a compact form factor (some 100x smaller than current technologies) for applications such as phased arrays, point-to-point radio, and data links. Tunable filters are also available, with frequencies ranging from Ka Band to W Band.

With its high isolation from DC to 100s of GHz, tight pitch density, and extreme low loss, our PolyStrata® architecture is a natural fit for high speed analog and digital switching and routing.  We integrate surface mount RF switches directly to our coax backplane, with easy routing to passives and actives alike: filters, MMICs, ASICs can all be a part of the total backplane solution.  And since it is a 3D architecture, fanouts, dilation, and crossovers are all neatly handled to create an adaptable footprint for any mixed signal application involving densely packed high speed transmission lines.

Use ultra-dense routing of high isolation, low loss PolyStrata transmission lines to the ultimate advantage.  Add onto the architecture: antennas, interconnects, filters, time delay, MMICs, switches, inductors, capacitors, and a whole library of built-in passive components...compatible with standard assembly processes: BGA, solder attach, and wirebonding.  And another thing...each substrate-free metal backplane can be mechanically interlocked with another to form larger and more complex assemblies, with micron-level precision.