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Power Amplifiers

Unveiled for IMS 2014: The most power ever shown in the smallest solid state package. Ultra-compact millimeter wave power modules leverage high efficiency air-core microcoax combiners for highest power per unit volume. KazAMP power modules available now to amp up your RF system - ask us for details.

PolyStrata Power Amp

Kazamp Datasheet NVR618D Wideband 7W Module 1.2 mb
Kazamp Datasheet NVR618S Wideband 4W Module 3.6 mb
Kazamp Datasheet NVR926D W Band 2.2W Module 1.3 mb
Kazamp Datasheet NVR926S W Band 1W Module 1.3 mb
Kazamp Datasheet NVR2731D Ka Band 22W Module 1.3 mb
Kazamp Datasheet NVR2731S Ka Band 14W Module 1.3 mb