Nuvotronics introduces its latest platform, the MekWorx® technology, using high aspect ratio electroforming and multilevel microfabrication capabilities to develop:

  • Integrated Safety and Arming mechanisms for small to medium caliber munitions
  • Miniaturized power sources for munitions
  • Micro-mechanical interconnects and locking mechanisms
  • RF, DC, and microwave connectors
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM) tips

For an example integrated S&A device, Nuvotronics developed batch-level MekWorx metal electroforming processes that eliminated costly assembly steps through self-assembly.  The process resulted in reducing part count by 4x for the device.  Component material and dimensional control was established and is maintained in a microfabrication center, with standard cleanroom controls.  The end result: a precision microfabricated part scalable from 100 parts/month to millions. 

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