Our Company


Nuvotronics Inc. is a small private high tech business. The business was established in 2008, commercializing its initial R&D success with its 3D microcoax technology at DARPA.  A few seasoned entrepreneurs led an original small team with a vision to revolutionize microelectronics hardware through advanced manufacturing platforms like its PolyStrata® architecture. The company is managed and operated by those same entrepreneurs, with a powerful team for continuing the vision.

Research Triangle Park
Nuvotronics facility in Research Triangle Park

A cornerstone of our innovation platform is our PolyStrata® architecture. The technology resulted from focused commercialization of the award-winning DARPA 3D-MERFS program. Nuvotronics has continued to invest in innovative technology over the years, currently managing an extensive patent portfolio. The company has a proven track record of commercializing its intellectual property through product development as well as through licensing arrangements.

PolyStrata Air Coax
Polystrata Architecture