Small Solutions to Big Problems




We are revolutionizing RF communications, from defense SATCOM to commercial 5G. Nuvotronics can show you how we leverage steerable antenna arrays, high efficiency power amplifiers, and surface-mountable filters and diplexers for products with unbeatable performance for size.


From the inception of Nuvotronics, we have targeted low-profile, small footprint phased array front-ends as a market than can benefit substantially from our proprietary 3D transmission line architecture. Our 3D stackable architecture has featured 500+ RF connections in an antenna array that fits in the palm of a hand, thereby eliminating connectors, substrates, cables and complex assembly with a sweep of elegant monolithic design.  Couple this integration ability with 3D and conformal additive manufactured antennas to round out our powerful product portfolio.  Our antenna work spans from wideband (10 to 100 GHz) designs for multi-spectral threats to compact phased arrays for beam shaping and steering in compact mmWave communications systems.

Need a high power source for Ka Band, V Band, E Band, W band, even G Band? Need it smaller and lighter weight than any other SSPA available? Nuvotronics is your source for the source: the most highly integrated power amplifier solution on the market, taking best of breed MMICs and combining more than you thought possible (way beyond 8-way).

We offer the smallest form factor filters and diplexers for the performance in the market today. Let's build these filters and diplexers in your integrated PolyStrata® backplane to make a phased array front end... an E-band point-to-point radio... an ultra-efficient transceiver... a micro network analyzer... ask us and we will show you how.

These surface mount or integrated filters provide low insertion loss, high isolation, and a compact form factor (some 100x smaller than current technologies) for applications such as phased arrays, point-to-point radio, and data links. Tunable filters are also available, with frequencies ranging from Ka Band to W Band.

Nuvotronics' proprietary PolyStrata® technology offers distinct advantages when applied to true time delay units as coaxial delay lines to provide a new paradigm in compact form factor: one meter of coax (three nanoseconds delay) fits inside one cubic centimeter. Used in combination with Nuvotronics' proprietary MMIC switching technology we can provide an unbeatable platform for time delay from DC to 110 GHz.