Polystrata® Architecture

The revolutionary PolyStrata® process—invented by Nuvotronics—creates the first ever 3D AirCoax miniaturized RF networks. The technology delivers a compact, densely packed footprint never before seen in industry. High isolation and "DC to Daylight" broadband capability make the PolyStrata architecture the backbone of next generation radar, communications, and test.

Research Triangle Park
Tight pitch isolated transmission lines

We stack and pack adjacent layers of highly isolated coaxial transmission lines that have air as the dielectric. The center conductor is supported by dielectric straps that do not inhibit performance of the AirCoax line—from DC to beyond 200GHz. Lines can be as closely spaced as 250 microns. In addition to coax, we fab true waveguide architectures for very high frequency products.

PolyStrata Air Coax

The PolyStrata architecture is a wafer-level process, meaning that networks, components, and antennas are made in batch, not singly milled or machined. This manufacturing method drives cost down even while the complexity of the system goes up. With WYSIWYG RF design all the components of a system-embedded passives, combiners, filters, baluns, MMIC connections, and antenna arrays—all are grown along with the circuit on wafer in one shot.

PolyStrata Air Coax
The process

At right is a typical build process. We use a standard flat substrate, wafer or panel, build up the structures layer by layer, and harvest the components and modules by releasing them from the substrate. If needed as part of the end product, modules can remain attached and integrated on the substrate. One more important fact: the substrate can be an active device wafer for direct integration to actives. We are currently running 8" and 6" wafers with plans to expand to 12" panels.

PolyStrata Air Coax
Substrate free

Our architecture removes the substrate in a complex 3D circuit build. Imagine thousands of connections—integrated parallel, perpendicular crossovers, bends, twists and turns—all stacked in vertical or planar orientations, without the bulk, thermal mismatch, and 2D limitations caused by a superfluous substrate. Nuvotronics offers simplicity at its finest: just air and metal.

PolyStrata Air Coax